Super Shell Monsters Story 2

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Turn Based RPG
 Coordinator  Wildbill 
 Translation  Gerb, Wildbill 
 Spot Translation  Filler, Wildbill 
 Assembly  Bongo` 
 Tools  Bongo` 
 Story Writing  Wildbill 
 Title Page  FlashPV 
 Production Assistant  SylarDean 
 SSMS-II Sanctuary  SylarDean 
 SSMS-II Map Pack  BWAH117 
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Most of description courtesy of Giant Bomb.

A classic turn-based RPG and true sequel to Super Shell Monsters Story.

The player is once again embodying the Fire Shell Hero, a legendary champion of the friendly shell monsters, who is summoned to help the shell monsters defeat the evil sorcerer Dark. Dark has managed to locate six of the eggs of the Demon King, who was defeated in the previous game, and used his magics to hatch all six into formidable monster generals. He plans to use these monster generals and their armies to conquer the globe.

The gameplay is similar to Dragon Quest and other turn-based RPGs. The game also includes side-quests and an empty lot of land that the player can use to build a settlement. This settlement can have shops, arenas, inns and other useful facilities, but the player is limited in space.

Bwah117's Complete Map Pack

Bwah117 was kind enough to create a huge map pack for Super Shell Monster Story II. He was even kinder by allowing us to host it for the rest of you players to have an easy way to find it online along side our patch to download. So here is the complete map pack by Bwah117. All credit and thanks for this work belongs to Bwah117. If you used it and like it, please give him a thanks in the forum if you don't mind.

Download Bwah117's Complete Map Pack by clicking the Map or Here

First Draft Screenshots