Mystic Ark

Turn Based RPG
 Coordinator  Wildbill 
 Translation  Akujin 
  Mecha Gaijin 
 Spot Translation  Faraday 
 Hacking/Assembly  Bongo` 
 Formatting/Writer  Draken 
 Story Writer  Wildbill 
 Beta/Support  Red Soul 
 Font/Splash  Taskforce 
 Beta Tester  Remilia Scarlet 
 Beta Tester  Recca 
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Mystic Ark is a universe of mysterious doors, a huge multi-scenario RPG by Enix, that story-wise is not connected to The 7th Saga. Although a few of its features and characters have been carried over from the preceeding game, any reference that depicts this work as The 7th Saga-II is erronious. If such localization nomenclature were to be followed, Mystic Ark would more appropriately be called The 8th Saga. Nevertheless, our English patch will leave this game as Mystic Ark.

The tale centers around a single fighter who is captured by an unknown force, turned into a wooden Figurine, and whisked away to a spooky back chamber of a palace-like mansion that has only recently materialized on a desert island. When he or she is awakened by a eerie voice, the fighter encounters many other Figurines throughout the premises, some of which are fellow combatants who must be freed from this curse in order to be reanimated and fight at the hero's side. In searching for their homes, everyone must confront a number of powerful adversaries along the way that seem determined not to relinquish any of the seven Arks that not only harbor special powers, but hold the keys to opening new doors to other worlds.

Hero Remeer or Heroine Ferris, whoever a player chooses to become at the start of gameplay - with an option to choose a new name up to 8-letters long - will explore the whole remote island chain and eight strange worlds before confronting the truth about the perpetrator that is turning almost everthing that exists into Figurines. For the most part, each world stands as a self-contained quest, much like the chapters of Dragon Quest-IV, and each new scenario appears stranger than the one that preceeded it. In the end, the hero must confront an unlikely villain in a situation that seems to defy rationality!

The final door is not opened - resolving the underlying mystery - until after the ending credits have rolled! Thus, players who might be inclined to turn off the game at soon as they vanquish the final villain, shaking their heads in bewilderment, could be condemned to a lifetime of nagging confusion about what Mystic Ark was all about. Anyone who may have read the reviews that claim this game makes no sense, try to forget you ever saw them. Fantasy games, after all, are supposed to be fantastic, and Mystic Ark scores a perfect 10 for me in this category!

So, if ya just wanna kill something and not do any thinking outside the box, go grab a mindless shooter game and be as content as a fossilized Triassic clam! No one here will force anyone to embrace what one YouTube reviewer has dubbed, The Attack of the Flying Cardboard Squares!

Our Mystic Ark project presented technical challenges that extended well beyond the usual hurdles. Any person who ever examined this game has been vexed by thousands of control codes and pointers that are embedded inside the dialogue itself. Therefore, finishing the translation has been especially rewarding. Those who contributed significantly to the ten-year evolution of D-D's Mystic Ark are listed in the credits above.

[Description updated by Wildbill - September 2009]

What is Mystic Ark Really About?

If Mystic Ark is played for a number of years, people may continue to argue it's meaning. As one of the writer's of the English story, I, Wildbill, will simply call it allegorical and let it go at that. What I want to share now is the best interpretation of this saga I have heard, penned by Red Soul, one of our staff who helped create this English version. Here is what he said, only slightly edited:

"Mystic Ark is not an average RPG. It plays old school, but it's much deeper than "A hero goes off to save the world" plot. The seven Arks, I believe, are not just fragments of the goddess's power, but pieces of the main character. Each ark represents an element of every human being: power, wisdom, darkness - even fire and water exist in humans, although fire is metaphorical.

The main character may have no defined background, but I believe the author intended it that way. In literature, this phenomenon is called the "everyman character" which means Remeer could be any male, Ferris could be any female. The desired effect is to have a player assume the main character's role. (Could this be why we call them role-playing games?)

Each world in Mystic Ark is so varied, a player winds up learning new concepts and growing in character, Of course, this happens to the main character in the game as well, as the story inveigles us to ponder our own virtues and ask questions such as, "Who are we? Do we have what it takes to be truly good people? Just how much does our own darkness rule us? Are we ready to change our world for the better?"

The worlds of Mytic Ark teach us lessons in many ways:

World 1 shows us the evil, senseless face of war.

World 2 shows that even sloth can be transmuted into salvation, and that oftentimes people will ignore each other's true potential.

World 3 shows the innocent nature of children that none of us should lose, that all of the power one possesses should never be abused.

World 4 shows that dependency on machinery can be dangerous, but if used correctly, machines can (and do) save lives and make our world better.

World 5 shows that even the most primal forces of nature shouldn't be ignored, and that the environment should never be harmed.

World 6 is a plunge into the darkness of one's mind, revealing that a person may be taught darkness; that it exists in every heart; and that it needs to be heard to be understood.

World 7 shows that even the most innocent dreams can and should be cherished, that dreams can come true, even if the road is lengthy and the dream lays dormant for a long, long time.

World 8 represents a new penetration into darkness, but it extends far deeper than the mind. It reaches the heart, and the end result becomes the ultimate purification (or rebirth).

Once the character passes all of the trials, he/she returns to the his/her original world, but I see the meaning of this go even deeper. On the surface, the character may have seemed to undergo a return and revival, but to the player, could this extend beyond the end of a cycle and usher in the awaking of a new conscience? Having experienced the trials of many along the way, having fought one's own wickedness that abides within us (Darkness), having trumuphed over one's very own essence of evil (Black Heart), the game bestows upon the player an inspiration to improve, just as the main character experienced.

To me, Mystic Ark is an invitation to gaze deeply into one's own soul and suffer a metamorphosis; It has certainly changed me!"

-Red Soul

In other words, dear game player, Mystic Ark is about YOU!!