Feda: The Emblem of Justice

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 Script Writing  Wildbill 
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Feda: The Emblem of Justice is the long term "signature" project of Bongo`, a strategy-RPG developed for the Super Famicom console, sometimes called "a Shining Force for the Super Nintendo". Indeed, some Shining Force elements are apparent in Feda, due to sharing the same character designer, but that's where the similarity ends. Right from the start, the Feda soundtrack sounds haunting, not quaint like Shining Force.

Whereas I would define Sega's Shining Force series as "cutesy", albeit one of my all time favorite plays, Feda, on the other hand, slams a game player against the raw edge of survival inside an unorthodox guerilla unit, operating on a war-torn planet called Mildras Garz. Emerging from a 1000-year war, conditions seem to be getting only worse in this world, a situation that disturbs the hero and his growing band of "misfits" as they reluctantly get swept into a national liberation movement of a small country being subjugated by an evil empire!

Feda's game designers departed from a number of Shining Force conventions. Most notably, they assembled a nine "emblem" system. The guerilla unit will carry one of these emblems at all times, based on its repuation as a fighting force, ranging from "Law" designations at the top, to a "Neutral" designation in the middle (Viper), and "Chaos" labels on the bottom.

The Emblem will change, based upon whether a gamer chooses to kill everything on the screen, or spare life when the mission may be achieved by slaying just certain enemies. Generally speaking, more kills will result in a steady movement toward a greater Chaos reputation (Genocide at the bottom); and mercy will propel the unit toward the top Law reputation, and an opportunity to carry the highly esteemed "Feda" emblem!

The emblem carried, based purely on battle decisions, will directly determine who the hero is able to recruit and retain in the party. Once a recruiting opportunity is bypassed, or a fighter leaves the party due to an emblem change, the hero will rarely enjoy a chance to include or regain those combatants in the unit, but this feature adds unlimited variations in fighter combinations, enhancing Feda's replayability!

Finally, if you are a Shining Force fan, you should give Feda a test play. Our game will be R-rated, however, just to forewarn you, as it was written in a much different style than Shining Force. This includes the Japanese translation, and we have followed suit in our English version of the story.


  • Feda English is R-rated. For those who might be offended by ribald content, be advised that Feda is R-rated for language (profanity), gore, violence, and sexual innuendo.

  • A potential game loop may be avoided if a player saves at the first opportunity. Shortly after meeting a boy named Tom Woodland, (A) save your game with Ain the Wolfling, (B) shut down your emulator, (C) restart your saved game in the menu options, and the game should play flawlessly.

  • The "Healer Bug" locks the game if Nurses Aris and Aria cast level 3 healing spells while all friendly fighters remain uninjured (Remake 3). This happens because some players choose to "burn off" unneeded MP, hoping to "milk" experience points under circumstance in which the spell is not actually needed for its intended purpose.

Helpful Information and Links

Here is a March 2011 Feda(e) review from Hardcore Gaming 101.

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An article in Gamer Tell has even declared Feda(j) "the number one SFC game that should be commercially translated into English for the Nintendo Wii virtual console!" Numbers two and three on that list are Terranigma and Seiken Densetsu 3.

Although our naming conventions are not standardized, this outstanding Feda Shrine resource will assist players greatly in navigating through the game.


Feda: Emblem of Justice English Preview Video - YouTube Version


Blade Eagle


A Typical Battle Scene