A NES game ahead of its time
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Author:  Recca [ Fri May 21, 2021 3:30 am ]
Post subject:  A NES game ahead of its time

It's surprising to see that no one here has yet commented on what an original and ahead of its time game this was. Having this many options on how to customize your character was very uncommon back in the 90s. And even today, most games still don't offer such a wide array of features to choose from that allows the player to create custom characters in this way. The game itself is also quite fun, like many other platformers of its time such as Mega Man.

Youtube playthrough video:
Wikipedia article on Cocoron:
Gamefaqs guide/walkthrough:

Both the character's design and weapon is selected by the player via a large menu of many different options to choose from. The stats of each custom character is based on which options were picked by the player when creating them. This not only gives the game a lot of replay value, but also allows the player to choose what features they want when designing their character. Will you create a strong bulky character, a fast and agile one or aim for a well balanced fighter? The choice is up to you.

And with this, there's no longer any empty forum sections at D-D without any topics/threads in them. In conclusion, if you like retro NES platformers and enjoy games like Mega Man, give Cocoron a shot. It's a very fun, lighthearted and imaginative game.

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