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Post subject: Beta Testing Information - 100% Spoilers
PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:25 am 
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So, do not read this thread if you don't want to see spoilers.

A person named Arcadia wrote an excellent FAQ for this game. It's been invaluable, but I found secrets that Arcadia did not mention. This means more secrets than I know about may exist. I saw dialogue in the files that I never saw in the game. I have no right to re-publish Arcadia's work, but I have heavily altered my own personal copy for internal use only. I can make this edited copy available to testers on the basis that everyone keeps it private. People may need it to do thorough testing.

A girl in Prickly Village mixes medicines, but I was unable to find some of the materials to mix them all. Several of the ingredients are very rare. Certain monsters carry some of the rare ingredients but drop them infrequently. However, a fighter named Killa is an accomplished thief who learns the "Steal" technique. He can be aligned with a certain mix of fighters and dedicated to stealing rare items, once we learn more about which monsters carry them.

Shelldorado is filled with bonus everything: helpers, side quests, caves, towers, mystery shops, and powerful equipment - on land, in the air, under the sea, and in the abyss. Nevertheless, a game player could select a full party in the beginning and win the game without ever using nine of the rotating fighters or pursuing any of the optional objectives. Covering just the essentials, however, would result in a very anemic story, possibly as little as half the tale. Some people may prefer to play games this way, but such an approach would be insufficient for testing.

To see all of the dialogue in the game, a player needs to switch fighters frequently and visit some locations more than once. Later, when we get a testing team going, I'll save people time by listing specifics that aren't as obvious as Kyra going home to Coldburn and Tokia visiting her master on Dima's Island. Sometimes the dialogue offers clues if a certain person ought to visit a specific location but isn't among the party members who happen to show up there first. Don't count on this, though.

To get things rolling, I'll start with McGee the magician. He has an ongoing feud with a rival named McGoo and is in deep trouble with some gamblers. Here are the places that McGee needs to visit as a member of the battle party: Westside Town (near the west side of that town - look for McGoo outdoors and speak to him), My Town (in the bar - talk to the patrons. McGee doesn't need to be in the party for part of this story, but it's better if he is) and Chameleon Village (sleep at the Inn, then find McGoo in town, search for the dentures, and fight McGoo again.). I'll cover more fighter side quests in the future.

Finally, the twelve rotating fighters have different lines to speak during many key points in the game. Many of them are real chatterboxes. The thirteenth fighter (the hero), on the contrary, rarely speaks directly at all. Needless to say, a player will see only the comments of the three rotating fighters who are in his group at a given time (unless he uses a save-state, goes back to the guild, switches to a new group of three, and returns to repeat the scene). This is what I had to do writing the story - maybe fight a boss battle up to four times so I could write all of the random character dialogues. No biggie though. It's a super game. I won't expect testers to be this thorough. With enough of us, someone should see all or most of the fighters during what I call these "motormouth" sessions that follow major events.


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