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Post subject: SSSniperWolf did nothing wrong
PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2023 11:16 am 
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I'm sure most of you by now have heard about the drama on YouTube surrounding the alleged doxxing of JacksFilms by SSSniperWolf and all the hate that she's now been getting because of it. Normally, I wouldn't take much interest in such a topic since I don't have any interest in reaction videos nor either of these people's channels. However, I've seen this sort of thing happen all too often to various individuals on YouTube and I'm starting to really get fed up by it. What I'm talking about are these false allegations brought upon content creators by cancel culture and the brain dead morons on Twitter and YouTube that mindlessly attack and dogpile on people without a second thought nor regard for researching the actual truth. This type of thing has happened many times before and is often, if not always proven to be nothing more than false accusations. Some examples of people on YouTube who have been wrongfully accused of various misdeeds in the past are Projared, JonTron, whoisthisgit and Dan Avidan from Game Grumps and NSP, among many others. This type of alt-left "woke" nonsense needs to end once and for all. We in the romhacking and translation community have also seen similar events and attacks happen before to various groups and individuals, this group as well in fact. But that's a topic for another time, as I feel that it would take far too long to get into all the details and people that were affected by these types of attacks online.

Anyway, back on topic, let's take a look at the evidence against JacksFilms and his false accusations of being allegedly doxxed by SSSniperWolf. First of all, he published his home address online on Google/YouTube when he registered his LLC to his house. In other words, he doxxed himself. SSSniperWolf posted a picture of his house online which she then quickly removed afterwards, but not of his address. Again, he did that to himself, how else do you think that she even found out where he lived in the first place? Let's face reality, this was all a setup by this pathetic beta male who was obviously envious of her success and constantly harassed and targeted SSSniperWolf online multiple times across different platforms to force a reaction out of her. This was nothing more than a play by him to destroy her career online because he is nothing more than a petty loser who isn't even half as successful as she is. By creating such drama, he increased his subscriber count by a ton and also made a lot of money off of one single video, all while damaging the image and popularity of SSSniperWolf in the process. Hearing someone in a video saying that she "vaguely threatened him" and that she "should be deplatformed" while screaming "call the police!" on a harmless petite girl that just wanted to talk to him is beyond ridiculous.

In conclusion, this loser is nothing more than a drama and fame seeker. Notice that he didn't even try to press charges against her because he can't. She did nothing wrong. Instead, he tries to deplatform her. What a sad sack of crap to say the least... Once again, I'm not a fan of SSSniperWolf nor do I watch her content. I just wanted to reveal to everyone just want a wimp and loser JacksFilms really is like so many others like him which try to use cancel culture to shut down and remove people that they don't like or agree with. Please, don't listen to any of his crap or those of his moronic supporters. I'm not trying to say that she's completely innocent either, but this guy really blew this situation way too far out of proportion in order to draw attention and increase the popularity of his sad little channel. I could go on for longer, but I feel that I've made my point. These types of toxic leftist attacks need to stop once and for all; online, in the news, in media and everywhere else. No one in this world is truly perfect and if you search long enough, you'll find that everyone has skeletons in their closet. Some people just have much more than others, such as this JacksFilms person who is pretending to be a victim while harassing and trying to deplatform others. Be well, stay safe and stay well informed everyone.

SSSniperWolf quote:
"I have no idea how to dox. He literally posted his address on Google and said I threatened him and doxxed him."

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"Truly, if there is evil in this world, it lies within the heart of mankind."
- Edward D. Morrison (Tales of Phantasia)

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