Translation (checK) request
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Author:  taskforce [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Translation (checK) request

OK, I might have a few of these along, and I'd greatly appreciate help with them.

Here is the first thing I need a check (and a translation of for the final passage)

.POINTER = $0003D5A1
; Offset: $0003D82B : 14
; [Face-10]ケーッケケケ!
; やっと、おでましかい?
; まちくたびれちまったぜ。[Face-04]なんだか、うるさい奴ね。
; [Face-10]ケケ、俺は第三結界の主、炎使いの炎十郎槎よぉ。
; [$F001][Face-0A]ケーッケケ、暇つぶしに、相手になってやるぜぇ。
; [Face-07]ちっ、なめやがって!
So finally you've come
I've been waiting for you
for so long.
[Face-04]What the fussy are you!
[Face-10]Keke, I'm Enjiru, the fire
user of the third barrier.
[$F001][Face-0A]I have some spare time,
and need entertainment.
Kekeke, so I'll play with
you for a while.

Author:  filler [ Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Translation (checK) request

Here's my stab.

So you're finally here?
I'd grown tired of waiting. [Face-04]This guy's kind of annoying.
[Face-10]Heh-heh, I'm lord of the third barrier, flame user of Enjuurousa!
[$F001][Face-0A]Ehh-heh-heh, I'll play with you to pass the time.
[Face-07]Tch-, you want a piece of me!

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