I finally found the English Translation for Ranma 2 Gameboy
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Author:  taskforce [ Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:47 pm ]
Post subject:  I finally found the English Translation for Ranma 2 Gameboy

Here is the Ranma 1/2 2 Gameboy English translation files I've been promising for a long time. Pay no attention to the awful dump, I was going to improve it but Akujin translated it before I got to it. I was REALLY lucky I found an old XP OS drive I quit using years ago (that was actually still working) that still had my old Eudora email program in tact and it still had all of my attachments I received including this one. (I switched to Thunderbird when Eudora was discontinued years ago and migrated the database but it didn't migrate the attachments I found out later after deleting the old dir.) Unfortunately, I kept my hacking files on another drive so the actual work I did seems to be lost. It might be on my old Zip Drive discs but I don't have a parallel port to find out. Assuming that poor thing still works after setting for 10+ years.

I may still hack this game moving forward now that I'm back into doing Z80 assembly again. I think I'd have a better go of it this time but I may not. Either way, even if I do it, someone else can also feel free to do it if they wish. I don't think an English patch has been released at this point. I might be wrong.

Download the script here.

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