Released! La Wares Romanian v1.00!
Recca has finished his work on the Romanian version of La Wares and we present it for your enjoyment. Do not worry, the English version is still in production and will be coming later, but there is no reason to hold up the Romanian version which is done just because the English version isn't ready. So, please enjoy the Romanian version of La Wares.

Head on over to the Download Page or La Wares Romanian Page to choose your patch format preference, and start enjoying the game!

11/22/2015 - Recca
Released! Galaxy Robo v1.00!
After the shortest production time in D-D history, we are very proud to announce the release of Galaxy Robo, which is an SRPG created by the same company responsible for the Lennus series. The game tells the story of intragalactic war in which you control a sundry of characters who fight back against an empire which seeks to control all. Sound kind of familiar? *Ahem* Star Wars *Ahem*... Though clearly this is not about the exploits of Luke or Han, the game does have a character named Leia!

Galaxy Robo is a classic SNES era SRPG in the same vein as FEDA or Fire Emblem. In fact, and I only recently learned this, it was one of the few games created with support for the SNES mouse peripheral. So, if you're playing the game on an actual SNES, be sure to dig out that old mouse and give it a whirl!

This project is dedicated to the memory of Satoru Iwata for all that he gave to the gaming community... He will certainly be missed.

So head on over to the Download Page or Galaxy Robo Page to choose your patch format preference, and start enjoying the game!

07/19/2015 - The D-D Core Staff (Including Filler)
Announcement! Oni-II fully translated by Brandnewscooby! Other news...
Actually, Brandnewscooby completed the blocks some time ago. With several tasks a-poppin' around these parts lately, what with the emergence of the La Wares project, Galaxy Robo hitting the fast track, and the release of Super Shell Monsters Story, we sort of got behind the power curve reporting this significant milestone event.

Right now, the plan is for Taskforce to make a first pass through Oni-II. He may even begin this process while Wildbill is still polishing Princess Minerva and Draken is putting Filler's Galaxy Robo through its final paces. Meanwhile, Recca has made a complete formatting pass through La Wares and FlashPV has created an English title page logo for that game. Recca reported success finishing La Wares with only a minimal amount of small bugs. Also, work continues with G.O.D., being translated by Mellonseller and coordinated by Draken.

Since Bongo`'s insertion system appears to be fully operational now, you may enjoy some preliminary Oni-II graphics below!

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resource as complete as possible.

SylarDean's SSMS Sanctuary

06/04/2015 - The D-D Core Staff, Brandnewscooby, Recca, and FlashPV
Released! Super Shell Monsters Story!
Super Shell Monsters Story is a classic turn-based RPG, also known in the non-Japanese-speaking World as Daikaijuu Monogatari. Other than Chaos Seed and arguably Lennus-II, building this English patch may have been the most complicated challenge D-D has tackled. Combinations of fighting teams and variations in dialogue seemed almost endless. Here is what we stated in our readme.doc: To view all of the dialogue that is possible in this game would require a large number of game plays we could not begin to calculate because one fighter or NPC might not utter a possible line or lines unless a certain pair or even a trio of fighters were present in an active party at the same time in the right place at a particular point in the story!

We presume everyone who downloads our SSMS patch is an experienced RPG player, so we are inviting one and all to report dialogue overruns and other inconsistencies on our forum for this game. From a practical standpoint, we could perform just so many beta tests. We are aware of dialogue in the script dumps that we never encountered in game play. Not wanting to hold up release any longer, Taskforce gave the game one final sanity check, and here it is! So, if you find a glitch playing a team of fighters other than the hero and three comely female companions, don't blame Taskforce!

Huge caveat: D-D STRONGLY recommends that gamers not use save-states while playing this game and peruse our readme fully before beginning!

A special "thank you" goes out to FlashPV for designing our Super Shell Monsters Story title page! We're hoping he will help us with our La Wares title page next!

This translation is dedicated to Byuu, Gerb, and DaMarsMan - and also our very own Taskforce for rescuing it from limbo!

So, what are you waiting for!? Go to our Download page and enjoy!

If you struggle in the game, click on the logo below and visit SylarDean's
SSMS Sanctuary
for walkthrough information and tips. All gamers are
invited to submit inputs to the SSMS Sanctuary in order to make this
resource as complete as possible.

SylarDean's SSMS Sanctuary

05/14/2015 - The entire D-D Staff and Translator Gerb
Announcement! La Wares now in Production!
La Wares is a classic turn-based RPG with some unique wrinkles in the battle engines that Eien Ni Hen recently translated and Bongo` coded for insertion. Originally earmarked for Red Soul's coordination (who remains on hiatus), Wildbill stepped forward and put the project on a second plate he keeps in the refrigerator while trying to clear space on the first plate, as well as empty both the front and back burners of his stove! However, Recca leapt forward with a hot toaster oven and in very short order, he completely formatted the story and even turned up a few preliminary bugs for fixing. Now, Wildbill is keeping La Wares in a fondu pot that's dialed to "warm"!

La Wares possesses a story theme that centers around ancient mechanical golems or giants who may be patterned after lesser "gods" that have abandoned Earth. A number of factions are vying for control of these golems in order to hold sway over various rivals. Whoever gains the most power from amassing these devices may even garner the means to rule the world. One group of magicians, in particular, seems determined to win this race for control of the golems and perhaps even awaken an omnipotent but presently sealed ancient evil being!

The translators and rest of us are somewhat mystified by the meaning of La Wares, terms that appear to relate to an ancient place that ties to the golems in the present or future. Here's what Eien had to say: La refers to a time period (and possibly a kingdom) in the game, and is connected to the eight legendary Golems. The meaning of Wares is even harder to pin down. I think it's already been mentioned in this thread, but the game takes place in the same universe as Wares Blade (a tabletop RPG) and Wares 1092 (a light novel). The game seems to have more in common with Wares 1092, though.

Okay, anyone with esoteric knowledge on this subject is urged to come forward and share it!

05/12/2015 - Eien Ni Hen, Bongo`, Recca, and Wildbill