Announcement and Released!Demon Child Zenki - Battle Raiden!
Announcing a new project! We at Dynamic-Designs have picked up Demon Child Zenki - Battle Raiden for translation. However, that isn't the best news! Oh no, there is much better news! It is already fully translated and we are releasing it right now for you to enjoy. That's right, no waiting for months wondering when you might see progress being made, or wondering if we fell in a hole and it'll ever get released. Not this time my friends. Go get your mitts on a copy on the download page or the project page and see for yourself.

The game itself is a fun little platformer that can be rather challanging at times. Previous knowledge of the anime and/or manga will definitely lead to a better experience playing the game but isn't absolutely necessary. Though I do suggest you read the story background section of the readme if you don't plan on checking out the source material for the game. I will give you a bit of information that I hope will at least help you better understand the happenings in the game.

This game is dedicated to Filler for being there whenever we need a quick translation or other translation related support, not to mention whatever else he might be able to help us with. Thank you Filler, you've been a tremendous help to us!

Special thanks to Implicid for the project suggestion!


01/28/2016 - Taskforce, Bongo`, Draken, Filler and Kakushiken
Released! Galaxy Robo v1.10!
Happy holidays everyone! I know that things have been pretty quiet lately, and I'm sure you're dying to get your hands on some new translations, but sadly, real life has reared its ugly head and forced us to divert a lot of energy away from these great projects. Fear not, however, as we are still 100% committed to making greater strides in 2016.

In the meantime, I've FINALLY gotten off my butt and released the new patch for Galaxy Robo. This new version implements the new 8x8 font that Taskforce drew for us and corrects the "RE"/"LE" error from the original rom. So, head on over to the Download Page or Galaxy Robo page to choose your patch format preference, and start enjoying the game!

12/28/2015 - Draken
Released! La Wares Romanian v1.00!
Recca has finished his work on the Romanian version of La Wares and we present it for your enjoyment. Do not worry, the English version is still in production and will be coming later, but there is no reason to hold up the Romanian version which is done just because the English version isn't ready. So, please enjoy the Romanian version of La Wares.

Head on over to the Download Page or La Wares Romanian Page to choose your patch format preference, and start enjoying the game!

11/22/2015 - Recca
Released! Galaxy Robo v1.00!
After the shortest production time in D-D history, we are very proud to announce the release of Galaxy Robo, which is an SRPG created by the same company responsible for the Lennus series. The game tells the story of intragalactic war in which you control a sundry of characters who fight back against an empire which seeks to control all. Sound kind of familiar? *Ahem* Star Wars *Ahem*... Though clearly this is not about the exploits of Luke or Han, the game does have a character named Leia!

Galaxy Robo is a classic SNES era SRPG in the same vein as FEDA or Fire Emblem. In fact, and I only recently learned this, it was one of the few games created with support for the SNES mouse peripheral. So, if you're playing the game on an actual SNES, be sure to dig out that old mouse and give it a whirl!

This project is dedicated to the memory of Satoru Iwata for all that he gave to the gaming community... He will certainly be missed.

So head on over to the Download Page or Galaxy Robo Page to choose your patch format preference, and start enjoying the game!

07/19/2015 - The D-D Core Staff (Including Filler)
Announcement! Oni-II fully translated by Brandnewscooby! Other news...
Actually, Brandnewscooby completed the blocks some time ago. With several tasks a-poppin' around these parts lately, what with the emergence of the La Wares project, Galaxy Robo hitting the fast track, and the release of Super Shell Monsters Story, we sort of got behind the power curve reporting this significant milestone event.

Right now, the plan is for Taskforce to make a first pass through Oni-II. He may even begin this process while Wildbill is still polishing Princess Minerva and Draken is putting Filler's Galaxy Robo through its final paces. Meanwhile, Recca has made a complete formatting pass through La Wares and FlashPV has created an English title page logo for that game. Recca reported success finishing La Wares with only a minimal amount of small bugs. Also, work continues with G.O.D., being translated by Mellonseller and coordinated by Draken.

Since Bongo`'s insertion system appears to be fully operational now, you may enjoy some preliminary Oni-II graphics below!

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06/04/2015 - The D-D Core Staff, Brandnewscooby, Recca, and FlashPV