Released! Super Shell Monsters Story II v0.90

For quite some time, I (Wildbill) have deliberated over releasing this English patch to the general public.

However, the span of years that I've held this file is related more to losing the work that contained the most recent revisions. Finally, I searched the content on a loose HDD once mounted inside a PC in which I had installed increased storage capacity, and there it was, buried within a sealed packing box that was stacked inside a shut-off room, along with dozens of other moving containers.

It took some discussion, but my teammates finally convinced me that a fair number of good people in the world who really love vintage RPGs, folks who have extended enthusiastic and appreciative support over several decades, deserved to play these fruits of our labors. We will build a feedback forum on our SSMS-II message board, and as always, we'll respond to congenially-offered inputs, as well as errata involving gramatical miscues and such.

Here's the back story on how I became involved in coordinating the SSMS-II translation project. It all started shortly after we began working on SSMS-I, a partially completed patch that Bongo` extracted from a list of abandoned efforts. As we proceeded with the first game, my research turned up that a sequel existed but in Japanese only. I played some of SSMS-II in Japanese, then convinced Bongo` to start building an English insertion system.

Before bogging down, I translated about 80% of SSMS-II by myself, so I contacted Gerb (who translated our inherited English script for SSMS-I). He agreed to finish the 20% in SSMS-II, as well as back stop everything I had done previously. Working together, I thought Gerb and I made quite a team knocking out the SSMS-II story. Bongo` found the complex coding system quite tedious, but he kept hacking away at the challenges until everything began taking fine shape.

*Caveat: *

Our patch appears to have only one random bug and a few places where Japanese Kana appears in graphic battle messages. Unfortunately, no one remaining on the team is capable of decompressing that Kana and remapping it into English. The bug is the possibility of some NPCs speaking in garbled text. This is quite random and appears to be related to using save-states. If it occurs, the workaround is to walk to a place where you may save your game. Restart after saving, then return to the character who spoke the gibberish. In every case, this always fixed my game.

For more information, check the readme included inside our zipped patch file. We can't guarantee that we'll ever revise this patch and release a Version 1.00, but we are open to assistance regarding the compressed battle and other messages that still display in Japanese.

Kudos to Taskforce for helping get this direct sequel to SSMS-I released quickly, within just a few days of me rediscovering my lost work. FlashPV designed what some are calling our best ever English title page! Also, I want to heap some praise on our members and friends who thoroughly beta tested the English game some time ago, akualung, MariusB, Swordmaster, and Recca.

Dedicated to Gerb

11/11/2020 - Bongo`, Wildbill, Gerb, Taskforce, Filler, Draken, SylarDean, Recca, FlashPV, Swordmaster, akualung, MariusB and the Entire D-D Team
Update! Released! Aretha II v0.91

Finally, after much more time passed than we intended, D-D is releasing a fully playable English patch for this game. Aretha II is a direct sequel to our previously released Aretha (I [English]) patch. This is the good news. However, our efforts are not polished to the finely-tuned levels of our usual fare over the past nearly two decades.

While reviewing the status of this and several other unreleased D-D projects, we arrived at a consensus that the better choice is to make what we have available to the game-playing world, rather than allow our work to languish in an indefinite state of limbo. Following is a couple of disclaimer paragraphs we have incorporated into our Aretha II readme document that accompanies the patch in our zipped release file.

*Caveat and Invitation:

In a MAJOR departure from our previous policy, we are releasing an unfinished patch. This is due to both time factors and downsizing in the diversification of our production team. In no way are we suggesting anything but positive support for all of our highly dedicated and hardworking teammates in the past. It's simply that changing life circumstances for some of us have dictated the realities of where we find ourselves today.

At this time, we active members of D-D cannot guarantee that we'll ever revise this patch in any way. This means we may never release a Version 1.00. At the same time, we're not saying we won't. As per usual, D-D will establish a feedback topic within the Aretha II forum on our WWWBoard. After receiving the patch "as-is" and playing the game, if someone comes along who really loves this work and possesses the know-how to rectify certain technical issues, we will be standing by, ready and willing to discuss the matter."

We have proceeded through an in-house beta process and fine-tuned the game as best we can. However, in consideration of the small amount of issues still remaining, we have decided it's best to release the game in a beta state of Version 0.90 instead of calling it Version 1.00. Obviously, this release will place the patch in its current form within the public domain. As always, we welcome anyone to provide any and all inputs. However, be sure to pore over the Readme document, so you will be aware of what we don't need reported.

At this time, I (Wildbill) want to thank Taskforce for the many hours he spent reformatting this game for "long" names. He also cleaned up a multitude of glitches throughout the play. Meanwhile, we hope you will enjoy Aretha II (English). FYI, this game plays seamlessly with its predecessor. Those who haven't tried Aretha I might enjoy it more in the double-play mode. Feel free to download the patch either from the PROJECT page or from our DOWNLOAD page.

Dedicated to Bongo`

02/24/2020 - Bongo`, Filler, Wildbill, Taskforce, Draken and the Entire D-D Team
Released! Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle Romanian v1.00

We would like to announce and release Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle Romanian. Recca is a big Ranma ½ fan and really wanted to get this game into Romanian after our English release. So he asked if he could, and he knocked it out in short order once I finally got the stuff together and got it to him. We hope you enjoy it.

12/03/2019 - Recca, Filler, Bongo`, Taskforce and the Entire D-D Team
Released! Aretha V1.00
Happy Labor Day!

Dynamic Designs gave birth to this Super Famicom English game patch quite a while after Filler, Bongo`, and I (Wildbill) had completed a significant amount of production work on Aretha II, a direct sequel to this game. As I progressed deeper into A-II's story, I began pestering Bongo` as to how I would REALLY enjoy working on this story, too. Bongo' informed me that the two games - even though produced by the same companies - used different "routines" in their construction, and he wasn't sure if he could "reverse engineer" the intricacies of this "prequel". Well, the release of this patch proves that once again, Bongo` can do just anything he sets his mind to accomplishing, and in bringing this project to a close, we certainly appreciate all of his fine efforts!

Aretha is a turn-based RPG that our beta testers have reported is a fun play. The game is a standard "Tolkien-style" fantasy that features some rather unique elements such as gemstones that may be harvested after battles and presented to special wizards who possess the ability to fabricate unique weapons. As with previous fare, the fates of kingdoms, queens, and princesses are at stake. An unlikely female heroine sets out to recover her grandmother's stolen heirloom ring, only to be caught up in cataclysmic worldwide events that far exceed her wildest imagaination!

Kudos go out to all of our D-D members, Filler for translating Aretha, Taskforce for reformatting the entire game for "long names", and our three beta testers, MariusB, Draken, and akualung. Once again, the synergy of teamwork has brought the major labor - on Labor Day, appropriately - of a full-sized Super Famicom RPG to a successful conclusion.

For now, to obtain an English patch for Aretha in IPS format only, gamers may download it below. Later, players may visit our Download section for additional patching formats. I hope everyone enjoys Aretha English!

Download our Aretha English patch from the downloads page or the project page.

09/03/2018 - Filler, Bongo` Taskforce, Draken, MariusB, akualung, and Wildbill
Released! Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle v1.10
Happy Memorial Day!

Here is an updated patch for Ranma ½ Hard Battle II Super Move Hustle. This should fix several remaining problems the game had upon release including properly fixing that pesky Mariko graphic. This also fixes the Niagara Falls graphic, the VS battle untranslated names, as well as many small text issues. Hopefully, this is the final patch for this game. Sorry about the problems and thanks for sticking with us while we fixed them.

05/28/2018 - Filler, Bongo`, Taskforce and the Entire D-D Team
Announcement! Sacred Age Odyssea (I) & II
Dynamic Designs is pleased to announce these two new Super Famicom turn-based RPG translation projects, also known as Shinseiki Odysselya (I) and Shinseiki Odysselya-II.

Filler will be the official translator for the first game in this series, written almost 100% in Hiragana and Katakana. Only the scrolling introduction in O-I uses a bit of Kanji. Sacred Age Odyssea-II is a true sequel to the first game but employs Kanji liberally in the game story's script.

Presently, both Bongo` and Wildbill have done a bit of translation work with the Odysseas. Their stories take place on Earth and involve extensive world travel in three different time periods, beginning with the Ice Age.

For the time being, as he has time, Wildbill will translate bits and pieces of O-II and proceed as deeply into the 77 text files as he can. He will also translate all of the miscellaneous files containing longs lists of O-II's magic spells, items, equipment, names, and the like.

However, to produce an O-II story the quality of Lennus-II, Mystic Ark, Burning Heroes, Silva Saga-II, and others, we could majorly benefit from the services of fine translators such as Shiva Indus, Eien ni Hen, Gerb, or Ritchie - not to mention Filler. We are very pleased that Filler has stepped forward with O-I but would not presume to lay a heavy hand on his shoulder regarding the sequel.

Finally, (Wildbill speaking), please don't entertain the notion these were just two more routine hacks for Bongo`. Over the years, the Odysseas have resided firmly on the "impossible" list. After deep thought, I decided I wasn't ready to "retire" following the eventual release of recent new projects 3X3 Eyes and Shiji Hero Legend, so I cajoled Bongo` repeatedly to reopen the Odyssea files. He wasn't sure he could solve their complicated scripting engines until one day he suddenly did. Then, putting together insertion structures required copious amounts of "grunt work". Bongo` logged the time, and here we are!

Thus, D-D trucks on into the future, reveling in the creation of new patches and fun, never finding twisted pleasures in tearing down other groups' work. If Wildbill is successful unraveling most of the O-II story, we may need a second more qualified translator just to backup the tougher spots and skim over the rest. In due time, we'll be establishing the usual mechanisms at this site, so players who are interested in these two games may follow our progress.

05/27/2018 - Bongo`, Wildbill, Filler, and Taskforce