Released! Chaos Seed Patch v1.02 has been released!
We hope that you have been enjoying Chaos Seed this year, and we're proud to announce that we've finally gotten around to releasing an updated patch that addresses the issues brought to our attention by all of you! This update should have come out eons ago, but we were hoping to perform a small tweak to the splash screen before sending it out into the wild. Unfortunately, one of our members responsible for that work dropped off the face of the earth (Where did you get off to RedSoul?), and we figure we shouldn't hold it back any longer!

We wish we had more to release at this moment, but we can assure you that TONS of headway is still progressing behind the scenes. SSMS-I is very nearly complete, and SSMS-II currently stands at V0.88. Luckily, Gerb, the primary translator for SSMS-I, has joined the team once again to greatly speed things along with SSMS-II. Princess Minerva has also been making great progress over the past year, with only a few minor setbacks slowing us down. Main script work is nearing completion, though, so it will surely grace your screens sometimes soon. Mellonseller, the main translator for G.O.D., assures us that all scripts for the dialogue text will be finished over the holidays, so that only leaves a bunch of MISC text to tackle. In total there are, I think, 6 big games currently steaming on the stove, and we're really hopeful that they'll see the light of day next year. So, stay tuned and expect to see more excellent gems from us in 2015.

For now, though, please head on over to the downloads section or the Chaos Seed project page to find the updated patches.

Happy holidays to all of you from the D-D team!

12/25/2014 - Bongo`, Draken, Taskforce, WildBill, RedSoul(?)
Announcement: G.O.D. Now in Production!
On the heels of the previous announcement that we here at D-D have dropped a few projects, we are happy to let you know that we haven't totally thrown in the towel and are adding a new game to the list! This time, we have chosen to work on another great SNES RPG: G.O.D.-Mezame yoto Yobu Koe ga Kikoe-

This is really fun game by Imagineer in which you take the role of a young boy on Earth who is charged with fighting off aliens after a post-apocalyptic attack cripples civilization. Classic turn-based combat and special abilities of the era are all present, and this is a very traditional RPG, unlike my previous project (Chaos Seed).

At the moment, the game is in the early translation stages with somewhere under 50% completed dialogue scripts, and lots of the items/menus/descriptions/etc already completed or awaiting checking. I (Draken) will be coordinating the project, and I am working closely with Mellonseller, who is known for working on G.O.D. (PSX) script translations in a thread over on RHDN, in order to bring you this great game. Hacking is pretty near finished. With only a few things needed to be done here and there, Bongo` has pulled through another great job prepping the game for translating/testing.

Once I add the forum category for this game, I'll probably throw some of the MISC translation work in there to help speed things along, so if you are a translator and want to help out a little, then be sure to stop on by the forums!

09/15/2014 - Draken, Bongo`, Mellonseller
Announcement: Dynamic Designs has decided to drop a few projects, plus a status report!
The staff at Dynamic Designs has finally decided to bite the bullet and put some of our old backlogged projects to rest and drop them from ongoing status. I will discuss each project we've dropped individually here so maybe you'll understand our reasoning for doing so.

First up, we've decided to drop Hourai High School. With a completed translation out there, our time would be better served working on something else that hasn't been translated by anyone. Unfortunately, that means that nobody will ever see the terrific job that Akujin did translating that game for us. I lost the raw translated scripts for a while and Satsu had to redo the translation for the game for Aeon Genesis. I did find the translation again eventually, but Satsu had already finished. We thank Akujin for the translation work and apologize that his scripts won't come to light in a completely released work, and hope he understands our reasons.

Second, Albert Odyssey 1 and 2. We were actually making some progress on these games for a while, but others have also started doing work on them. We decided with plenty of other things to do, and the sheer amount of work these games will require, that it was time to cut them loose. We wish those other groups/individuals starting their own work on these games all the best in finishing them, and we look forward to finally getting a chance to play them in English some day.

Next, Ranma 1/2 2 Gameboy. I do have a possibly complete/possibly not complete translation for this by Akujin. I was planning to redump it at one time when Akujin handed me my old dump with the translation already finished. That being said, this is not a very good game, I just really loved the music. So, I've decided just to drop this for now, and if at some point I decide to pick it back up, then it'll be a nice surprise eventually. If I don't, I'm seriously considering releasing some materials as abandoned and letting someone else take a crack at it. So, please do not take that as a guarantee we will pick this back up at some point.

Finally, The Legend of Double Moon. Unfortunately I do not have a lot of info on this project. This was Bongo`'s baby. I don't know where we stood translationwise, or hackingwise. I know that it was a pain to work on, and Bongo` felt his time would be better served elsewhere. The bottom line is, it is dropped at this point.

Now for good news, Destiny of an Emperor Gameboy at this point is not dropped, and is even making progress. If things go well, we should have more news on that sometime in the near future, actually even if something unforeseen comes up and things don't go well, we should still be able to provide news soon.

Our other projects are all in active development and making steady progress. Some of them might be taking longer than we'd like because of real life issues, but they are making progress. As you saw below, Aretha 1 has reached a 0.99 alpha phase. However, it could still take time to reach beta and release. So please be patient. Super Shell Monsters Story has just about wrapped beta. The release should happen pretty soon, we're just waiting for a few small things to fall into place before doing so. Aretha 2 is progressing right along behind Aretha 1. It shouldn't be too far behind (and we might just release them both together, we're not entirely sure if we plan to do that or not yet!) Super Shell Monsters Story II has found a translator and should start progressing along as well. Finally, Princess Minerva is really making strides lately as well. The team behind Princess Minerva has been reworked a bit, but it is coming along nicely and much quicker as of late. With the exception of Super Shell Monsters Story II and maybe Destiny of an Emperor Gameboy, we are really working hard to make sure all of these games actually get released before the end of 2014. Keep in mind though, we are not machines, if something comes up, forgive us if we don't completely reach our goal. We are working hard and trying to do so as best we can.

And there you have it, a full rundown of where Dynamic Designs stands on everything we are working on at this time, and what we had to drop and why. You can feel free to ask questions over in the forums on any of our dropped projects, just ask in the Group News and Info forum.

06/29/2014 - Taskforce
Announcement: SFC Aretha (I) Reaches V0.99 (alpha)
As posted on the Aretha-I project board, the story is written and largely polished, Many supporting features are completed, also.

At this time, we cannot estimate a schedule for initiating beta testing. The following graphics illustrate refinements in the story and menus. For more details, please visit the project board.

06/21/2014 - Wildbill
Announcement: Super Shell Monsters Story-II Now in Production! Translator Sought
Bongo` has done it again! Fresh on the heels of Draken's and his amazing triumph with Chaos Seed, now this!

Although SSMS-II is coded differently than its prequel in dialogue, menu storage, and other features - Super Shell Monsters Story-I (now in beta testing) - our very own B-Man has solved these major technicalities. He, along with Filler's timely contribution, has constructed Kanji and other table files, converted graphic menus, and written a rudimentary insertion program. All of the work thus far has been sufficient for Wildbill to summon his meager translation skills and cobble together a segment of the introduction - in English - and play a portion of this game in that language for the very first time.

We are confident about completing a full English patch for this game. However, we would prefer not to take ten years doing it!

For that reason, we are seeking a dedicated translator. This is a large script. We'll admit that up front, but we are hopeful that someone who has assisted us in the past or a new partner will step forward. Much of this game borrows heavily from the first version in the series, and this should assist the project in advancing more smoothly. Please contact Bongo` or Wildbill by e-mail, PM, or posting on the SSMS-I message board.

Let us add that we are anxious to tear into SSMS-II. The first SSMS game was a delight, and the story in this second version appears to pick up where that one left off. Arcadia's FAQ is excellent. And, as mentioned, our SSMS-I files should assist everyone on the production team greatly.

04/27/2014 - Bongo` and WildBill
Released! Chaos Seed Patch v1.01 has been released and Download page has been overhauled!
Chaos Seed v1.01 has now been released. This fixes a text display bug that effected the game while building new rooms while dungeon building. This bug was accidentally introduced with a late patch that was applied to fix other issues just before release. If you spot any other odd behavior or strange errors, please report them in our forums.

Also, with a BIG special thanks to Red Soul, the downloads page has had an overhaul. We now provide patches in four separate formats for your ease of use and to help reduce the pulling of hair out. Now you can download patches in either BPS, UPS, IPS or XDELTA formats. You do not need to download all formats to patch a game however, any one of those patches will patch the game the same as the others. So, if you download and patch using BPS, you do not need to patch using XDELTA ect. We just decided to provide more formats because the newer formats can check to make sure you're using a proper rom before patching. We hope you find these new patch formats useful. And again, a big thanks to Red Soul for creating all these new patches for these new formats.

04/17/2014 - Draken, Red Soul, Taskforce and the DD Staff