Released! Chaos Seed Patch v1.01 has been released and Download page has been overhauled!
Chaos Seed v1.01 has now been released. This fixes a text display bug that effected the game while building new rooms while dungeon building. This bug was accidentally introduced with a late patch that was applied to fix other issues just before release. If you spot any other odd behavior or strange errors, please report them in our forums.

Also, with a BIG special thanks to Red Soul, the downloads page has had an overhaul. We now provide patches in four separate formats for your ease of use and to help reduce the pulling of hair out. Now you can download patches in either BPS, UPS, IPS or XDELTA formats. You do not need to download all formats to patch a game however, any one of those patches will patch the game the same as the others. So, if you download and patch using BPS, you do not need to patch using XDELTA ect. We just decided to provide more formats because the newer formats can check to make sure you're using a proper rom before patching. We hope you find these new patch formats useful. And again, a big thanks to Red Soul for creating all these new patches for these new formats.

04/17/2014 - Draken, Red Soul, Taskforce and the DD Staff
Released! Chaos Seed Translation Finished at Last!
Finally, after several years of hard work, we here at D-D are happy to announce the release of Chaos Seed! This is a very special game that is so unlike any other; it's part RPG, part SIM, part Adventure, and at times involves a lot of resource management. It's is such a unique experience that I'm quite confident you have never played a game quite like it.

The amount of hacking involved in this game is unlike anything I have ever worked on. Some people wanted me to dedicate this game to Neverland, which closed its studio last year, and others made special dedications to yours truly in select dialog references. However, I think Bongo` deserves extra special thanks for the ridiculous amount of work that he put into this game. Despite whatever setbacks or bugs I threw at him, he kept working as hard as he could to fix every problem we had introduced into the patch. I actually felt bad for the amount of work I kept shovelling in front of him, but he never once complained about it. So, three cheers for Bongo` because without his hard work, you really would not be playing through this great story.

In the game you play the part of a Dousen or "Cave Hermit" who is tasked with the job of healing areas of the land that have become unbalanced and lost their energy. This is where the resource management aspect of the game comes in to play as you must build and maintain an Enchanted Cave in order to channel energy back into the earth. A large group of NPCs and monsters will both aid and hinder you in your progress to restore the land to its former self. This is not the only aspect of the game, however, as there are portions of each Scenario in which you must venture in to town to progress events in the storyline. The choices you make during these events can drastically alter the way each Scenario plays out, allowing for multiple endings and adding much incentive to replay each part of the story.

There is so much I could say about this game, but I'll leave it up to you to load it up and discover all the wonders that Chaos Seed has to offer. Please be sure to read the readme and feel free to post in the forums with your comments!

Oh, and I almost forgot! To download the patch in a variety of formats, please head over to our Chaos Seed page, or click here for the IPS file!

Edit: Please note that I have gone ahead and updated the patch to V1.01. This fixes an annoying text bug that pops up each time the Room God is summoned. Normally, I would have waited for more fixes, but this one is seen so often that I wanted to push this update out ASAP. Enjoy!

04/15/2014 - Draken, Bongo`, WildBill, Red Soul
Released! Silva Saga II Romanian has been released!
Silva Saga II Romanian v1.00 is now ready for you to download and enjoy. Grab it from the new project page under Completed Non-English Translations or the Download page and post your feedback on the Non-English Silva Saga II forum in your preferred language, Romanian or English, if you'd like.

04/11/2014 - Recca
Released! SFC Record of Lodoss War !

A new RPG for you and me to play - in English!

After a couple of years in the planning and production stages, a full English patch of SFC Record of Lodoss War is ready for RPG-lovers and fans of the Lodoss saga to enjoy!

Dynamic Designs chose this project with the simple objective of producing a complete translation. LNF Translations released a partial patch some years ago, one that converted most of the game's dialogue to English but left much of the menu work and certain other features undone. Using the story in the LNF's work as a guideline, Eien ni Hen translated the remaining Japanese, and we went to work. Unfortunately, some time after releasing the original LNF v0.90 English patch, project coordinator Lina` chan was tragically killed in an automobile accident, and the remaining members of LNF Translations never completed their patch.

Selection of this project came about as the result of a random conversation between Recca, Wildbill, and Red Soul - while that trio was working on Burning Heroes. As Wildbill recalls, Recca casually mentioned how nice it would be to have a complete translation of this game, Red Soul agreed, and Wildbill asked Bongo` how feasible it would be to just insert some English menus.

No one knew how to contact the surviving members of LNF translations, but Bongo` quickly deduced that the most efficient way to "finish" this game would be to design a dedicated insertion system with full assembly support and re-load a complete English translation from scratch. Using the critical dialogue translation work of LNF's original patch as a take-off point, in 2013, the D-D team re-wrote the story and inserted it into this patch that we built from the ground up. Red Soul assumed lead coordination duties, and as always, the remainder of the D-D team contributed in their various areas of expertise.

However, without the original work of LNF Translations, completing this project would have required considerably more time. Accordingly, the spirit of LNF's work is still woven into the fabric and tone of this saga. And a special thanks goes out to Eien ni Hen who fleshed out the numerous miscellaneous files' translations that were missing in the LNF release.

We hope everyone involved in the original project realizes that our patch is as much LNF's as D-Ds. We have paid proper homage to those players and their work in our translated and redesigned ending credits for this game. If anyone discovers that we left out (a) key player(s) who deserve(s) to be listed in the ending credits, report this information so we can modify our file and release an updated patch.

Here in D-D, Draken and Taskforce were instrumental in giving the script an important layer of QA, making sure it did not stray from ROLW 's style and form. Due to their efforts, Red Soul reports that "many of his brain neurons were spared" from becoming frayed during this process! In the final stages of production, Wildbill, with his well known wit, lighthearted style, and penchant for easily digestible, savory writings, applied when appropriate his own lively twist to both characters and the general populace of Lodoss Island. Beta went rather smoothly thanks to the efforts of 4ph of Silva Saga-2 (French) fame and Wagner, a forum denizen who possesses an energetic disposition.

Final touches were applied by FlashPV (our friend who built the English title page for Burning Heroes and sent us redesigned English title pages for ROLW) and the ever-meticulous Bongo`. Using the combined graphics design work of Red Soul and FlashPV, Bongo` painstakingly reworked color palettes and layers intricacies until he could insert fully translated title pages into D-D's patch for this game.

So what are you waiting for? Go to our Download page and grab a copy of our 100% translation of ROLW and start enjoying this excellent RPG from Japan - in English!

Or, if you're in a big hurry, go here.

02/26/2014 - Red Soul, Bongo`, Recca, and the ROLW Team
SFC Super Shell Monsters Story (I) Enters Beta Testing!

A real frolic!!

This is the perfect RPG.

I (Wildbill) have not had as much "Super-Happy-Fun-Time-Game" playing since Dragon Warrior VIII. As a writing experience for me, SSMS-I matches receiving Ritchie's periodic translated blocks during the production of Burning Heroes. In overall fun, SSMS-I slightly exceeds Slayers. For total satisfaction, I must hearken back to the days of Lennus-II and Destiny of an Emperor-II. In fact, I play DoaE-II every year. Last summer, I beat it on my telephone, of all things! Then, I donned full assault gear and rappelled into Chaos Seed - a combination of torture, at first, followed by delayed gratification of the highest order!

We all have varying tastes, but whatever lured us RPG players into this genre and hooked us: Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Lunar, Zelda... Shell Monsters might have stood with those iconic titles had it been ported to the West and developed into both an endearing and enduring series. While building up to the disclosure that I expended my full energy helping create SSMS-I English, I want to acknowledge up front that I have inducted two new translation community heroes into my pantheon! These fellows set a special tone for this game's story that I have tried to follow faithfully - translator Gerb and hacker DaMarsMan. If the RPG gaming world embraces this work, it will be as much to their credit as anyone.

I have also received input that Eien ni Hen had a hand in translating SSMS-I, but her name was already engraved on my short list of translation heroes - along with Filler, Ritchie, Shiva Indus, Akujin, and Faraday. Filler lived up to one meaning of his nick, as always, helping flesh out key gaps in several of Gerb's "fix-me" notes. Bongo` performed assembly hacking almost daily, running on autopilot, it seemed. He recoded most - if not all - of the final insertion structure that brought D-D's version of SSMS-I English to fruition. Byuu, by the same token, devised the original framework for creating a playable game in English, augmented by the excellent labors of DaMarsMan, Gerb, and possibly Eien. Finally, FlashPV drew our outstanding English title page, using the Japanese Kanji model as his starting point.

At this time, I'm putting out a few feelers for beta testing. Preferring to work in back-channels, at least initially (PM me.), I'm hoping that folks such as Garrett, Yuka, and Ultpaladin might have 40 or 50 hours to spare this cold, dark winter. A while back, we did Burning Heroes, a game that featured eight special fighters. Well, SSMS-I contains thirteen combatants who may be used in virtually any combination to form a battle team, but this game is NOT segmented into separate "character-specific scenarios", and it's certainly not repetitive. After a certain point in the early going, the game turns more non-linear, and a number of exciting side-quest opportunities become available. Later, following a major sub-climax approaching mid point, a player gains access to the entire world, and the game blows wide open!

Meanwhile, in other D-D news, Taskforce continues refinements with Princess Minerva. Draken and everyone appreciate Chronomoogle's steadfastness in Chaos Seed testing. Red Soul should be emerging with an announcement concerning Record of Lodoss War. Recca is working on Feda Romanian. Wildbill is preparing to surge on Aretha-I. Filler is translating the Oni-II script. Then, we have the ever irrepressible Bongo`. Who knows what rabbits he'll yank out of his hat next!?

02/08/2014 - Bongo` and Wildbill
SFC Aretha (I) Production Is Off and Running, and... Filler Will Translate the Oni-II Script!

Two nice new developments!!

Bongo` has solved coding issues for Oni-II, and in response to our request for a translator, Filler has been looking over some of the files. Recently, Filler requested that Bongo` go ahead and send him a fully dumped Oni-II script, and this is indeed good news involving a project we have contemplated working on since our early Magic Destiny and Stealth Translation days!

Filler is also a central player in our latest Aretha news. Just this late summer or early fall, he sent me (Wildbill) a fully-translated script of that game. I sort of shelved it for a while because I was working with the stories for Chaos Seed and Record of the Lodoss War at the time. Then, just this past weekend, I asked Bongo` if he would whip together a rudimentary insertion system for Aretha so I could check the early story. Bongo` asked me if I had translated script; I flashed Filler's work over; and by Sunday evening, I was building the first scenes in the game!

Concurrently with the kickoff of Aretha 's production, we are resuming work on its half-completed sequel. Our intention is to release the lead game first, hopefully in 2014. Even if finished and beta-tested consecutively, Aretha-II 's release will follow after an appropriate period of time.

In other news, Draken reports that Chaos Seed is shaping up nicely. We need his beta testers to report, and I believe Draken might accept a few new testers if said volunteers are reliable and committed. Lodoss is also in late production stages, although some Lodoss energy is being diverted to the longer-running Chaos Seed project. Finally, Taskforce has reported that Princess Minerva is also making forward progress. Meanwhile, enjoy a sampling of the first English screenshots of Aretha (I) ever produced!

12/03/2013 - Bongo`, Filler, and Wildbill
Record of Lodoss War skitters into Beta Testing, and... Requesting a Translator for Oni-II

Big news and a translation request...

Regarding Lodoss, we have a few small assembly hacks remaining, some de-bugging, and possibly the introduction of equipment icons and other game enhancements, but this translation is largely polished and almost in the bag for an imminent release! The timing depends on getting some critical attention from the magical, mystical Bongo` (that very same B-Man who was clamoring for a new D-D release just eight weeks ago), presently up to his gump-stump in Chaos Seed joy!

In the old days of rock and roll, we had battles of the bands. My grown children (little Wildbills) kicked the stats out of their cribs about ten years after the last one of those infernal cacophonous productions went kaput! Well, allow us to introduce D-D's Battle of the Games! Here's the big question. Which almost fully translated work will be released first? Will it be Chaos Seed - years in the making with a cast of thousands - or will it be a fully polished Record of Lodoss War, that same unfinished S-RPG jewel that the late Lina Chan, et al, started work on, lo, so many years ago?

All we can say for sure is that Wildbill is no longer holding up either Lodoss or Chaos Seed. Unlike Franz Schubert, he will not leave behind any unfinished symphonies! In fact, WB has typed his poor little fingers into nubs, and we simply cannot believe that he has actually made it this far! Bongo`, Eien ni Hen, Red Soul, and Recca have created a work of art with Lodoss, and this game will be just as stupendous as our previous S-RPG release, Feda - Emblem of Justice !

Speaking of Feda, Lodoss reminds me (Wildbill) a little of both Feda and Slayers. Compared to Feda, however, Lodoss ' theme is not as dark as Feda 's, but its humor is sparse compared to Feda 's frequent sardonic aspersions, especially those uttered by the ever-cheeky Ain. Slayer 's totally wacked-out never-ending craziness tops both games in the humor department, but Lodoss ' theme, on the other hand, appears to be a mixture of both light and dark; wheras, Slayers, as I recall, was a compleat frolic the whole ride!

* * *

(Wildbill speaking here...) Please, kind people... We need a top notch translator to step forward and do Oni-II for us (End of the Edo Period). This game looks amazing. It covers a period of time in Japan when America was experiencing the height of British colonization - to roughly the end of the War Between the States (1603-1867). Our localization will prominently feature Japanese language terminology, since its theme centers around the culture of the Tokugawa Shogunate. This is the time of the samurai, ronin, feudal warlords, isolation, and the rise of the Bushido code of honor.

The Edo period entered it's decline following the arrival of Commodore Matthew C. Perry's four-ship squadron that appeared in Edo Bay during July 1853. This event threw the bakufu (the feudal Japanese military government that ruled the Shogunate) into a chaos from which it never recovered. Today, we in the West call this process the opening of Japan to the world.

As with the Chinese terminology in Chaos Seed and Destiny of an Emperor-II, we plan to integrate pertinent language features into this game in their Romanized forms. We need a passionate bi-lingual translator who is not only well versed in the Edo period, he or she should also be a lover of history, someone who will help us convey a true and realistic tenor of this game to Western audiences.

To put the Oni-II game theme into perspective, its basic premise is that Western powers did not sail ships into Edo Harbor merely to open up Japan to the West. Instead, their respective governments yearned to exploit certain spirits known as reiketsu, known in Japan since ancient times. As inactive D-D member Akujin put it, "The reiketsu are spiritual magnet-like places that exert their influence over all things because of the spirit energy erupting out of them." Thus, as with all explorers from any culture throughout history, profit and power were key motives in making first contact - according to this game's writers.

* * *

Meanwhile, if you are interested in helping Red Soul and Recca beta test Lodoss, please make first contact with them on the Lodoss BBS. Their requirements will be stringent. The Lodoss team will expect you to finish the game and make full reports in a certain precise format. How soon those who are accepted as Lodoss beta testers can get started will depend on how quickly Bongo` is able to respond to some important in-house Lodoss fixes!

Enjoy a few screenshots featuring progress in D-D's Lodoss translation project!

11/02/2013 - Red Soul, Recca, Ein ni Hen, Bongo`, and D-D's entire Record of Lodoss War team
Released! Silva Saga-II French

Parlez-vous français?

4ph has done it! Actually, he released Silva Saga-II French a while ago. Due to a communications mix-up, as previously agreed, we are just now announcing and hosting his French patch for that game. This should help expand people's awareness that a French version exists. From what I can see in the early stages of the game, 4ph's work is outstanding!

Red Soul was instrumental in coordinating with 4ph, and all of his efforts have certainly borne fruit.

For now, until we built a support structure for hosting this patch here at Dynamic Designs, here is a link to 4ph's site for a download of the Silva Saga-II French patch.

* * *

4PH c'est ce qu'il a fait! En fait, il les a libérés Silva Saga-II français tout à l'heure. En raison d'une communications mix-up, comme convenu précédemment, nous en sommes maintenant annoncer et son hébergement français correctif pour ce jeu. Cela devrait contribuer à accroître la sensibilisation des gens qu'une version française existe. D'après ce que je peux voir dans les premières étapes du jeu, 4ph du travail est remarquable!

Red Soul a joué un rôle déterminant dans la coordination avec 4ph, et tous ses efforts ont certes porté ses fruits.

Pour l'instant, jusqu'à ce nous avons construit une structure de soutien pour l'hébergement ce patch ici au niveau de la dynamique conçoit, voici un lien vers 4ph de site pour un téléchargement de la Silva Saga-II français patch.

Version  Français  de  Silva  Saga-II

Appréciez le jeu!

10/17/2013 - Red Soul, 4ph, and the D-D Silva Saga-II team
Chaos Seed Roars into Beta Testing!

Which came first, the dragon or the egg?

This one glib statement embodies Chaos Seed 's main theme. The entire milieu, however, encompasses a broad tapestry of timeless and diverse concepts, ranging from Eastern mysticism to universal musings about the meaning of life, intertwining of destinies, and possibility of intelligent life forms elsewhere in this universe.

The backdrop is set in ancient China, but the characters are indeed universal, each struggling with his, hers, or its own ambitions and attitudes, based on that individual’s strength, upbringing, and world view. Do choices really matter? Are events driven by predetermined outcomes? Or may one person’s mood at the moment, emotional responses, and/or deadly encounters with other entities or landscapes alter the course of history and possibly even lead to the total destruction of worlds?

A person playing Chaos Seed will struggle with these philosophical issues and many more in an extremely non-linear format. The game is comprised of ten interconnected scenarios, some with as many as five separate endings. Completing all of the endings will unlock a special eleventh scenario called Dungeon Mode. Expect to put in up to 100 hours mastering this game’s Feng Shui system and unlocking some of its many secrets. Draken, Bongo`, and the translators did an outstanding job creating the alpha version. Wildbill has needed a few additional years of disjointed efforts, but he has finally worked all of Chaos Seed ’s nuts and bolts into a mostly-finished vehicle.

Beta testers will need to be excruciatingly thorough, because the team is certain we did not trigger every single side event that feeds into varying tracks, leading to further possible splits, resulting in a multiplicity of outcomes. Wildbill’s focus has been to localize the story, unlock the built-in drama, and ensure that every grouping of strings comprising a triggered scene - frequently fragmented and compiled from widely scattered blocks - resolves in a cogent flow with a perfect clarity of meaning. Above all, he labored to create an atmosphere of solid, continuous entertainment, not stressful, urgent, grinding work this game can be at times!

At the moment, we cannot estimate a release date, based on this enormous game’s complexity and a tester’s strong potential for wandering into a random menu subset that none of us have seen before (driven by a routine that just happens to be broken), one that might even crash the game! For this reason, we request that all testers exercise menu systems to the utmost!

Bongo` started reverse-engineering this game, years before Dynamic Designs even formed. We began working on it as a loosely organized group during our Stealth Translations and Magic Destiny days, shortly following the release of Mystic Ark. I, Wildbill, apologize to gamers that I needed so long to send a beta version back to the rest of the team. For me to finally conquer this game (using a well-placed cheat here and there) is almost as personally satisfying as an actual release!

I (Wildbill) want to thank Bongo`, Draken, Filler, script translator Manske, scenario introductions translator Aishsha, Dag (who wrote his indispensible walkthrough), ChronoMoogle, and the Japanese authors, coders, visual artists, and musicians for all they did to make this game amazing, enabling me to finish my part. I know that my team members, especially, are happy to see this translation project advancing into beta testing. To beat this game honestly will be really hard work for many. Think of Ganon in Zelda-I, the very first time you stumbled into his dark haunt!

More testers are needed, but Draken’s rules are very specific. If interested, please apply to him on our Chaos Seed BBS board.

10/16/2013 - Draken, Wildbill, and Bongo`
General Progess Report on Chaos Seed, Princess Minerva, Shell Monster Story and Lodoss War
Many have been concerned about a general lack of progress at Dynamic Designs lately. Maybe we were going into hiatus again without finishing what we started, but that is hardly the case. Most of us have been dealing with serious real-life situations. I will not go into details, but suffice to say we have had mountains of time eroded by competing demands. To keep matters in perspective, this is - after all - still just a hobby.

With that said, I'm happy to report that activities are finally returning to a semblance of normalcy around here. We still have outside distractions that seize our attention, but we're finally devoting serious efforts to hobby-related work again. And we aren't just saying that. We have proof.

First, we have a video of important work on Chaos Seed. Wildbill is making more progress lately than he has in well over a year. He is just about finished with Scenario 4 (the 5th of 10 scenarios). Scenario 4 is actually the 5th segment because the game features a scenario 0 (Lecture). Scenarios 3 and 4 have been very difficult, convoluted work, and generally speaking, Chaos Seed is a highly complex and tedious game to manage on the whole. Considering everything, this is huge progress, and Wildbill is working into new areas steadily. Please check out our video below.

I also have screen shots illustrating progress on Princess Minerva. These are still in the first game scenario, but this is a large section, text-wise. Not to mention, I have many of the miscellaneous files fully or partially ironed out, and these will serve the entire game's menu and battle system. Again, I have probably made more progress in the past couple of weeks than I have in several months. I should be able to make additional strides at this pace. Once my part is done, Bongo` will smooth out assembly, and Wildbill will give the story a final pass edit.

Next up, I have a report on Shell Monster Story. This game is on the back burner while Wildbill labors on Chaos Seed. He needs to devote most of his time to our older projects, so we can finally start clearing out our dusty "to be released" queue! Bill does take a little breather now and then to decompress and unwind with Shell Monster Story because it's a far easier write. He just wants everyone to know that SMS-I is coming along, even as his hands are full with Chaos Seed and Lodoss War, which I'll discuss next.

Finally, Lodoss War was turned over to Wildbill for a quick edit of the story. This isn't a full play-through rewrite, mainly a grammatical check. It does take some time away from the other two projects but isn't massively time-consuming. Wildbill continues to stroke it along, and we still have every intention of releasing this game later this year - but only if it's fully polished.

With all of the news out of the way that's fit to print, enjoy the video clip of our Chaos Seed - Scenario 4 segment in Engllish and our fine screenshots of Princess Minerva progress.

09/10/2013 - Taskforce
Announcement: Dynamic Designs is picking upShell Monster Story
Dynamic Designs has picked up Shell Monster Story, A. K. A. Daikaijuu Monogatari-I, a partially completed Super Famicom translation filed in's abandoned project archives. Originally, Byuu worked on this game, and DaMarsMan added significantly to his efforts. Script translation for DaMarsMan was provided by Gerb, and we must note that the actual translation work and notes explaining the culture and tone of this game are uniformly outstanding!

With virtually 100% of the dialogue and miscellaneous files already translated to English, basically, this effort will require little more than assembly coding by Bongo`, formatting by the team, a re-write by Wildbill, and beta testing to clean up the works. To date, Bongo` has already completed most of the assembly work and constructed a fully functional insertion system. Wildbill has formatted and re-written the lengthy multiple-segment introduction and organized some of the battle system.

Wildbill reports that the game and insertion system appear quite stable, so far - unlike several of our projects in the past and present. A polished Shell Monster Story patch should take shape very quickly with a minimum of technical challenges. Bill also reports that the game feel reminds him a little of a cross between Dragon Quest V and Final Fantasy-III(j).

D-D wishes to express our appreciation to everyone who has labored on this translation in the past. We acknowledge full credit for their impressive work. We thank you for uploading your files to the abandoned archive, thereby granting us the opportunity to bring our mutual goals to fruition.

We have uploaded a three-part video demo of the SMS introduction to our D-D YouTube website, a series that showcases the amazing potential of this well-constructed classic turn-based RPG, developed by Birthday and published by Hudson Soft.

Here are some screenshots of the work accomplished thus far:

08/27/2013 - Taskforce
Record of Lodoss War translation finished and lots of other projects (current and past) news.
OK, first lets start with the BIG news. Eien Ni Hen has already finished the Record of Lodoss War remaining translations. This project has now been turned over to Draken for formatting and editing. Thanks also goes to Bongo` for incredible work getting an inserter ready and things ready for Draken at an incredible pace. Look for this project to hopefully progress quickly.

Second news is concerning Aretha I. The translation for this game has reached the 40% mark. Filler has had some time this week and really moved things along with this translation. We appreciate the dedication and getting things to this point. We look forward to working on this when he has it done and I still personally hope we can release both I and II side by side. However, I will note a final decision on this by the full group has not been made. This is just my personal hope.

Next up, Wildbill is finally back to script editing and has resumed work on Chaos Seed. Now, you might be saying "Wait, didn't he already resume work on that a while back!", and you would be right that he did post a news story saying that. Unfortunately after he reported that, stuff happened and it wasn't to be at the time. However, now he truly is back and Chaos Seed work has resumed. He is going to avoid the forums for a while longer so he can focus his energy to getting this project turned back over to Draken.

Then, there is BIG news on a game which we officially dropped some time ago. Bongo` has had time on his hands thanks to other members being stalled due to non-hobby related issues, and since the group working on it is no longer active, he decided to work on Bakumatsu Korinden ONI aka ONI 2. Bongo` did a LOT of excellent assembly work on this game and has gotten a lot of issues handled. Menus are in order, intro and such is handled, and a script dump has even been produced. On top of that, he even created a working inserter. Finally, at least for a while, he had even found a very skilled translator, but sadly at this time this translator seems to be MIA. We will be adding this project back to our active projects list in the future, if his skilled translator reappears or we find a translator via some other means. Assuming we can find one, we'll certainly be happy to pick this game up and run with it to completion. Since this is one of my old projects, I'd like to thank Bongo` for thinking of it while he had nothing to do and working so hard on moving it forward. If you have the skills and would like to help with translation on this project, post us a note in the forums and we'll get you set up. We'd love the help and thanks in advance.

Finally, Princess Minerva is still moving forward. I'm handling initial editing and just generally having fun with it. Work is slow as I have a LOT of distractions but it is progressing. This is a generally silly and fun script and I hope some of you get a real kick out of it as I am.

Just as a quick final note, the group is determined that something will get released this year. We're even VERY Hopeful of more than one project, but we are counting on finishing at least one. Time constraints on all of us are improving and we're determined that we'll see more progress than we did in 2012. However, at this time we wouldn't want to comment as to what will get released. Work is happening on several different things and some projects are harder than others. I'd just like to reassure everyone that we are committed to making more progress in 2013 than we did in 2012 and thank you for sticking with us in or down time as we handled many issues outside of this hobby.

The first 3 screenshots below are from Record of Lodoss War, the next 3 shots are from Bakumatsu Korinden ONI aka ONI 2 and finally the last 2 shots are from Princess Minerva detailing a bit of ongoing work on each.

03/24/2013 - Taskforce
Record of Lodoss War News and General Status Update of Dynamic Designs
It has been a while since we've updated, but I thought I'd take the time to let you guys know what is going on behind the scenes around here at Dynamic Designs. Don't worry, this isn't just a "Nothing is happening, please stand by!" type of report. We also have a major announcement for you that should make things worth while.

And lets save the best for first, haha. The BIG news concerns Record of Lodoss War! Eien Ni Hen has agreed to translate this game for us. This will be her second game translation with us and I can tell you by the first game she translated that her skill is exceptional and the game is in excellent hands. We'd like to thank her for taking the time to translate the game. Its a long hard job with little reward but without these great translators that donate their time, we'd have nothing to release for you to play. Thank you Eien Ni Hen and all of our other translators current and past. You are the real stars of this hobby.

Next, I'd like to address a few other ongoing projects. First, let me start with Chaos Seed. I wish I had great news for you on this project but refinement of the game by Wildbill has been delayed until at least February. We believe things will pick up again then. We thank you for the support on this project and appreciate the understanding in the delays. Real life just hasn't been kind the last few months on the time front.

The next project I'd like to talk about is Princess Minerva. Taskforce has taken on the job of initial editor on this project. Progress however has been slow. Again, issues with time and real life commitments but it is making progress and he should have even more time soon to devote to it. These two games should see a 2013 release, however we just can't speculate as to when that will happen for certain. Please be patient and thanks for all the support.

Finally, on the Aretha I and Aretha II front. Translation of Aretha I has reached 10%. Filler has a lot on his plate so progress will be slow but things are moving. Just as with Eien Ni Hen, we'd like to thank Filler for the dedication to translating. We very much appreciate the hard work. As for Aretha II progress is on hold until Wildbill's return and Chaos Seed has been squared away. The story at this point has been initially edited quite a ways into the game. Unfortunately, I don't have an estimate on how far for you. We still haven't reached a decision on holding Aretha II until Aretha I is done. Once we've made up our minds, we'll let you know.

Any other unmentioned projects are on the back burner at this time. Progress may or may not be happening on them, but even if there is some, there is nothing noteworthy to report at this time. We'll let you know the moment there is.

01/20/2013 - Dynamic Designs Members
Story Refinement Resumes in Earnest for Chaos Seed!
That's been the big holdup with Chaos Seed. In 2011, Wildbill completed refinements on the Scenario 2 story. After a few days of recent work, he has polished about two-thirds of Scenario 3. Wildbill anticipates working steadily until the stories for all eleven scenarios are completed at beta level. Since last year, Draken and Bongo` have been laboring diligently, refining the code, debugging, and producing a fully formatted, playable alpha patch (V0.99). Recently, Draken made the script files available to Wildbill again for this round of finishing touches in the story writing department.

As mentioned, the game includes eleven chapters or scenarios. (Call the initial Lecture chapter Scenario 0). Segments that include cave-building proceed from that Lecture chapter through Scenario 7 (for a total of eight). The final three scenarios are either pure story related or bonus features that a player must unlock. Therefore, the cave-building scenarios are about halfway completed. Once those are done, the final three segments should go faster. Ideally, all eleven scenarios will be in full beta testing around the end of the year.

Chaos Seed is undoubtedly the most complicated and lengthy project this group and its predecessors has attempted. One reason the writing is taking so long is due to copious options when encountering NPCs. Some of us call these "conversation trees". Imagine a huge oak or banyan tree that branches out wider that the tree's height. Then, visualize yourself climbing the truck and taking a narrow path to the side or top of the tree and jumping into a new scenario. That will appear to be the whole game through one player's eyes. But we must start again at the base of the trunk and mid-points, over and over, until we have crossed every single twig. We must take every possible path in the tree, omitting none, then jump to the next scenario. It's entirely possible, therefore, that someone will beat this game and see maybe less than 50% of the script we wrote and inserted.

We appreciate the gaming community's patience as we head for the stretch run with Chaos Seed. Under no circumstances will we release a partial patch, but Draken may be in the market for a few additional beta testers soon.

09/25/2012 - The Chaos Seed Team
Chaos Seed, Aretha II, and Princess Minerva are forging ahead!
Now that Silva Saga II and Burning Heroes are released for your enjoyment. We've freed up some time for our Assembly Guru and Script Guru to work on other things. various people are now working on various things, and forging several projects forward in the process.

Draken is primarily moving forward with Choas Seed work. We've discovered a bit of untranslated text that is slowing down things just a tad while we get them taken care of. He is continuing to edit and whip into shape what he can while he waits for that text. This game is a massive undertaking, probably the hardest project we've done (even over Mystic Ark and Burning Heroes) because of the Feng Shui culture background. Not to mention the sheer mass of assembly support Bongo` has had to give this game.

Wildbill is forging forward with Aretha II, and it is moving along nicely. The consult menu bugs have been hammered out by Bongo`, the rom expanded and progress made at a steady pace. That being said, this game is probably the furthest along and yet the furthest from release. We are debating internally on if we will save this game to release alongside Aretha I. These games are directly tied to one another so we have feelings that go both ways. You can comment on this in the forum if you'd like, but the final decision will be ours. We'll let you know once that decision is final but the group was leaning towards saving it at last discussion. We have a couple screens to wet your appetite though.

Finally, Taskforce is working on Minerva. There was a bit of cleanup needed in the script files. That was taken care of. Then Bongo` needed to do some assembly work to fix some town issues for our intro video. And that brings me to the video itself, sometime within the next week, we should have that long delayed promised intro movie. There is also a new font in the game. you'll see it in the intro video and the screenshots below.

Bongo` is super busy being a new father and trying to find time to support all of us in the meantime. He's so busy he probably meets himself coming and going. He is still doing his excellent assembly work all around however. Thanks Bongo`.

The rest of the guys are giving support to all projects where possible. Be it spot translations by Filler or Richie to technical support on both current projects for the group and past releases for the public from Red Soul. All of us are keeping ourselves busy.

This is the status of various projects withen the group. Anything not mentioned is on the back burner at this time but should move forward in due time. There is only so much of us to go around haha.

03/11/2012 - The Dynamic Designs Core Team